Are you looking for a suitable space for trainings, company actions, parties, balls or conferences in Trutnov?

Everything you need is available in four buildings that are run by the Cultural Centre (SCT).

Uffo is a unique and exceptional multi-purpose hall, which is, thanks to its variability, modern space and barrier free entrance, available for organizing different types of events, from cultural and social ones to congresses, conferences, exhibitions, trainings, seminars, and company promotion events. UFFO disposes of a 848 m2 large hall, a 139 m2 mirror hall and two 103 m2 cafés. Thanks to its multi-purpose space it is possible to arrange the main UFFO hall in five basic variations – theatre, concert, arena, ball and congress. UFFO provides the best quality technical equipment and professional staff. We dispose of the L-Acoustics sound system, digital mixer DiGiCo, the highest quality cordless microphones Shure including extensive accessories as well as a number of monitoring loud speakers and other accessories. As for lighting equipment, we dispose of 120 darkenning channels, more than 140 conventional lights, rotary heads brand Martin and GLP, light panels Avolites and MAlighting. Projection equipment comprises projectors with the power up to 10000 ANSI – brand SANYO and ACER. Projection screens up to size 600 x 450 cm, video direction and other equipment. Uffo is located right in the town centre near local shops, restaurants, cultural sights, bus and train stations. It is also possible to park in Uffo underground garage.

Kongres Foto Milos Salek 11  Ples2 Ples4 Ples11 UFFO Foto Milos Salek 26

In the National House, the Cultural Centre rents the space suitable for organizing cultural and social events, promotion and sales actions, courses, trainings, lectures and businesses. We dispose of the following space available to be rented: Large and Small hall, Classroom 1, Classroom 2, Lounge, Offices and a Restaurant together with a bar. This building is also located near the town centre, about 7 minutes on foot. It is possible to park in front of the National House for free during the whole day.

The total capacity of the space available to be rented in the Cinema Vesmír is 380 seats (permanent disposition). It is possible to organize lectures, trainings, entertainment programmes and other actions there. The cinema is situated in the town centre and there is a large car park nearby. The cinema has recently been digitized and allows the projection of adverts, too.


Photographs and maps of halls

1. UFFO – theatre arrangement

Plans Theatre, Theatre concert balcony .

Uffo Divadlo 1 Uffo Divadlo 2 Uffo Divadlo 3 Uffo Divadlo 4


2. UFFO – concert arrangement

PlansConcert ground floor, Theatre concert balcony

Uffo Koncert 1 Uffo Koncert 2 Uffo Koncert 3 Uffo Koncert 4


3. UFFO – Ball arrangement

Plans Ball ground floor, Ball balcony

Uffo Ples 1 Uffo Ples 2 Uffo Ples 3 Uffo Ples 4 Uffo Ples 5 Uffo Ples 6 Uffo Ples 7


4. UFFO – congress arrangement

Plans congress

Uffo Kongres 1 Uffo Kongres 2 Uffo Kongres 3 Uffo Kongres 4 Uffo Kongres 5 Uffo Kongres 6


5. UFFO – Gallery

Uffo Galerie 1 Uffo Galerie 2 Uffo Galerie 3 Uffo Galerie 4 Uffo Galerie 5 Uffo Galerie 6 Gallerie UFFO Obrazy Bazantova


6. UFFO – cafés and foyer

Kavarna 1 Uffo Kavárna 2 Uffo Kavárna 3 Uffo Kavárna 4 Uffo Kavárna 5 Uffo Kavárna 6 Uffo Foyer 1 Uffo Foyer 2 


7. UFFO - mirror hall – rehearsal room

UFFO Zkusebna 1  UFFO Zkusebna 2  UFFO Zkusebna 3  UFFO Zkusebna 4  UFFO Zkusebna 5 UFFO Zkusebna 6  


8. National House – large and small hall

Narodni Dum Maly Sal Narodni Dum Velky Sal 3 Narodni Dum Velky sal 1 Narodni Dum Velky sal 2


9. National House – classrooms/ club rooms = small hall and classrooms 1+2

Narodni Dum Salonek Narodni Dum Ucebna 1 Narodni Dum Ucebna 2 Narodni Dum Ucebna 3 Narodni Dum Ucebna 4 Narodni Dum Ucebna 5 Narodni Dum Ucebna 6 Narodni Dum Ucebna 7 Narodni Dum Ucebna 8


Rental price list

Size and capacity of halls



Rentals of UFFO space and National House 

Rentals of Cinema Vesmír + projection of adverts

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    tel.: +420 499 815 717, +420 604 506 649 

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