UFFO is…

…more than a theatre…

the Czech Republic best construction of the year 2011

   …multi-purpose space…
         …progressive art museum…

                        …TOP INVEST ČR 2011
             …concert hall…

…intersection point of art…


Společenské centrum Trutnovska pro kulturu a volný čas (SCT) - The Cultural Centre is an allowance organization of the town of Trutnov, running the Cultural Centre Uffo, the National House (Národní dům), the Cinema Vesmír and the Cultural Club Nivy.

Our main role is to enrich Trutnov life and to represent the town of Trutnov within the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Apart from the cinema, the National House and the Nivy Cultural Club, we dispose of the unique multi-purpose cultural site UFFO, thanks to which we can provide Trutnov audience with a wide range of cultural events and actions, putting emphasis on originality, quality, surprise and experience. We organize in particular:

* theatre performances ( separate as well as within our season ticket groups)
* concerts of all music genres
* site specific projects “made to measure” for Uffo space
* art and interactive expositions
* theatre performances for children
* performances and programmes for schools
* traditional repeated events for children such as Family Uffo-pieces, carnivals, children balls, Witches´Day programmes, Drakiáda, Mikulášoviny and other entertaining competition programmes for children
* readers´ evenings
* movies as well as non traditional performances
* entertaining programmes
* lectures and forums
* and other events...

We arrange the organization of different actions held at major state, town or social celebrations or programmes with our partnership towns.

We provide our premises for non-profit organizations, civil associations, clubs, amateur companies and other organizations of this sort, offering very favourable terms.

It is possible to hire all the premises in all our administered buildings for short term actions such as:
* Conferences (Uffo centre disposes of top quality sound, light and conference equipment)
* Company actions ( both for employees or partners)
* PR events
* Promotions ( for example the promotions of new cars launched to the market)
* Other actions according to the clients' needs

You can also contact us as for long term hire - restaurants or offices, tenders are put out by the town Trutnov

We provide our clients with “turnkey” actions – hiring the place, arranging sound and light equipment, arranging cultural programme according to a client´s request (including consultancy), arranging catering service and the promotion of the action.

We offer advertising service to our partners. We are a noticeably outstanding institution not only in Trutnov but within the whole Czech Republic. Once you connect your company name with UFFO-SCT, a prestigious cultural company, you both strengthen your reputation and become regarded as a socially responsible company.