UFFO Gallery is a part of the unique multipurpose Cultural Centre UFFO. The centre is unique both for its architecture style and for a wide range of the main hall arrangement variations. The gallery itself is different from classic art galleries. The glass surface of the building frames the face and the sides of the 300 m2 exhibition space. In combination with an inside arched wall, this makes the gallery bright, airy and transparent. The gallery is situated on the first floor and is connected with the ground floor and the basement by a winding staircase and a lift which makes the gallery barrier free. The gallery is also open to visitors during theatre performances, concerts and other cultural and social events.
A pleasant café awaits all visitors of the gallery as well as those who visit other UFFO events. Visitors can also make use of an underground car park and a cloakroom.
UFFO brings out a varied, high quality and surprising programme. What makes UFFO unique and different from other cultural institutions is that we aim to bring original programme. In other words, artists who are inspired by UFFO and feel relaxed here are those we desire. The UFFO genius loci is thus created and the awareness of UFFO spreads across the Czech culture stage.
The aim of the gallery fits in this programme concept. This interesting exhibition site is a perfect place to present and confront contemporary trends of art. We focus on artists from among the young generation as well as on those respected on the Czech culture stage and artists from abroad.

Galerie UFFO